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A graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts – the Faculty of Interior Architecture, with the annex in Painting.

She creates in several painting techniques, exhibits her paintings at home and abroad. Her works are in many private collections in Poland and in the world.
Actively participates in the plein-air and artistic events of the YOUNG AT ART group and the international ARTE Group.

She paints abstract, round paintings with good energy, realistic portraits to order, and warm Mediterranean landscapes in oil and acrylic techniques on canvas.


  • 2019 “OBRAZO-MURALE” group exhibition, Galeria Przechodnia, Warsaw
  • 2019 “LATO FEST Z DKŚ” group exhibition, Dom Kultury Śródmieście, Warsaw
  • 2019 “GALAKTYCZNE OGRODY” individual exhibition, Centrum Promocji Kultury Praga Południe, Warsaw
  • 2019 “POWER OF ART – CZERWONY” group exhibition, Centrum Koneser, Warsaw
  • 2019 “POWER OF ART – NIEBIESKI” group exhibition, Centrum Koneser, Warsaw
  • 2019 “POWER OF ART – ŻÓŁTY” group exhibition, Centrum Koneser, Warsaw
  • 2019 “POWER OF ART – ZIELONY” group exhibition, Centrum Koneser, Warsaw
  • 2018 “WIELKIE OKO” individual exhibition, Galeria Metamorfozy, Warsaw
  • 2018 “MALARSTWO” individual exhibition, Hala Koszyki, Warsaw
  • 2018 outdoor group exhibition, Timisoara, Romania
  • 2018 “FALA” collective exhibition, Baltic Art Gallery, Koszalin
  • 2018 ‘WIZJE CZASU’ collective exhibition, Off Piotrkowska Gallery, Łódź
  • 2018 ‘EVIVA L’ARTE’ collective exhibition, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 2018 “DWORY I PALACE” collective exhibition, Metamorfozy Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2018 ‘BARWY DZIECIŃSTWA’ individual exhibition, KKG, Warsaw
  • 2018 ‘EVIVA L’ARTE’ collective exhibition, Koszedary, Lithuania
  • 2017 “EVIVA L’ARTE” collective exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2017 “EVIVA L’ARTE” collective exhibition, U Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2017 “ZDA (e) RZENIA” collective exhibition, Galeria SD, Warsaw
  • 2017 “EVIVA L’ARTE” collective exhibition, Culture Promotion Center, Warsaw
  • 2017 collective exhibition, Łochów Palace
  • 2017 “ENERGIENATURY” individual exhibition, Synagogue Center, Zamość
  • 2017 “8 KOBIET” collective exhibition, Metamorfozy Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2017 TRZECIE OKO” individual exhibition, U Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2016 “EVIVA L’ARTE” collective exhibition, Krusevac, Serbia
  • 2016 “KOLORY ENERGII” individual exhibition, Pod Okiem, Warsaw
  • 2016 “EVIVA L’ARTE” collective exhibition, Ostromecko Palace
  • 2016 “BARWY CHWIL” individual exhibition, Club at Hoża St., Warsaw
  • 2016 “EVIVA L’ARTE” collective exhibition, Space of Arts, Siedlce
  • 2015 “EVIVA L’ARTE” collective exhibition, DAP 1 Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2015 individual exhibition, MDK, Galeria Łazienkowska, Warsaw
  • 2015 individual exhibition, “Galeria 400” Budapest, Hungary
  • 2015 “ŚLADY” collective exhibition, DAP 2 Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2014 “Warszawski pejzaż” post-competition exhibition, Galeria DAP 1, Warsaw
  • 2014 solo exhibition, KDC, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2014 solo exhibition, Pula, Croatia
  • 2014 individual exhibition, book stop, Warsaw
  • 2014 collective exhibition, Villa Karisse, Warsaw
  • 2014 collective exhibition, Krcedin, Serbia
  • 2014 “WARSZAWSKI PEJZAŻ” collective exhibition, Marshal’s Office, Warsaw
  • 2014 “WARSZAWA” collective exhibition, DAP Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2014 “GRA W KOLORY” individual exhibition, Łazienkowska Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2013 collective exhibition, Villa Karisse, Warsaw
  • 2013 solo exhibition, Stara Pazowa, Serbia
  • 2013 solo exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2013 “BŁĘKITNE ŚWIĄTYNIE” individual exhibition, Church of Creative Communities, Warsaw
  • 2013 “AKCJA-KREACJA” collective exhibition, Radziejowice
  • 2012 individual exhibition, OKO, Warsaw
  • 2011 collective exhibition, Helnaes, Denmark
  • 2011 individual exhibition, Museum of Independence, Warsaw
  • 2010 exhibition of illustrations, Independence Museum, Warsaw
  • 2007 individual exhibition, U Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2006 illustration exhibition, OKO, Warsaw
  • 2006 collective exhibition, Ivanofrankivsk, Ukraine
  • 2006 jubilee exhibition, U Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2003 “POŁUDNIE” solo exhibition, Kazimierzowski Palace, Warsaw
  • 2002 “ŚRÓDZIEMNOMORZA” individual exhibition, U Gallery, Warsaw
  • 2002 “MEDITERRANEO” individual exhibition, University of Warsaw Library (BUW), Warsaw
  • 2001 “DWA OBLICZA” individual exhibition, Białołęka Culture Center, Warsaw


Author and instructor of didactic and development projects through art in practice.

She conducts classes for:

  • CHILDREN –at the Academy of Arts and Culture Club Gocław
  • ADULTS– workshops on exploring one’s own potential through various art techniques and intuitive painting in cooperation with the Metamorfozy Foundation and Gallery
  • SENIORS – at the European Center of the Universities of the Second and Third Ages.
  • INDIVIDUALS – at the Metamorfozy Foundation and Gallery

She approaches students individually, encouraging them to observe nature, but also to take up unusual topics and experiment freely. In a relaxed and creative atmosphere, she inspires them to create in their own original style in various visual arts. Art classes for children are becoming great fun, whereas art workshops for adults are a relaxing break from everyday life. Beautiful works are the result in both cases.



Academy of Arts , ul. Hoża 51, Warsaw ( sign up ):

  • children aged 10-12, Saturdays, at 9: 15-11: 45
  • children aged 7-9, Saturday, at 12-13: 30

Foundation and Gallery Metamorphosis , ul. Marszałkowska 81, Warsaw:

  • children and adults – individual lessons (contactthe teacher to sign up)

Gocław Culture Club , ul. Abrahama 10, Warsaw 

  • children aged 5-6, Wednesday at 16: 00-17: 00
  • children aged 7-8, Wednesday at 17: 10-18: 10
  • children aged 9-11 years, Wednesday at 18: 20-19: 20

European Center of the University of Second and Third Ages , classes at the Warsaw-Gocław Culture Club (as above):

  • adults, thursdays 11: 00-12: 30


Curator of national and international exhibitions promoting fine arts.

Co-author and organizer of the “EVIVA L’ARTE” international artistic project which was inaugurated by the opening of the exhibition of artists from Poland and Serbia at Galeria Lufcik at the headquarters of the Association of Polish Artists in 2015. The launch was followed by a series of exhibitions and artistic events in Poland and in the Balkan region. The Polish-Lithuanian “EVIVA L’ARTE” project is under parrallel development.

Artistic curator at the Metamorfozy Gallery in Warsaw.




Anna Kossakowska

501 079 951